Battle Of The Year World Final 2022 JAPAN Battle Of The Year World Final 2022 JAPAN


December, 2022. Coming to Asia for the first time ever!
To be held in Okinawa, Japan!

Battle of the Year (BOTY) is celebrating its 32nd anniversary, since its launch in Germany in 1990.
It is the oldest and greatest breakdancing competition in the world that invites 10,000 spectators.
It has been referred to as the "World Cup of Breakdancing"

What distinguishes BOTY from other competitions, is that all participating crews are judged before the finals based on their showcases. The top 8 crews will move on to the final tournament.
Traditionally, battle-style competitions were mainly only able to fully satisfy dance fans, but by incorporating showcases, BOTY has successfully been able to add a new layer of entertainment and reach out to a broader audience.
Showcasing allows for every player to show off their unique skills and different styles of dancing that each country has, giving this portion international significance.
The first-ever Asia World Finals will be held at Okinawa Arena, Japan on December 3rd.
On this day, the greatest crews and dancers will gather in Okinawa.
Come experience the greatest breakdancing entertainment that you have ever witnessed.

Release Date

December 3 (Sat)

14:00 OPEN / 15:30 START / 20:30 CLOSE

Participating Countries and Regions

Germany / France / Italy / Belgium / Algeria / Great Britain / Ukraine / Netherlands / Estonia /
Austria / Greece / Switzerland / Sweden / Spain / Norway / Hungary / Balkans / Bulgaria /
Belarus / Benelux / Russia / Israel / South Africa / Nigeria / Tunisia / Morocco /
Japan / Korea / China / Taiwan / Singapore / Philippines / Thailand / Indonesia / Vietnam / Malaysia etc..

*Participating countries vary depending on year


Release Date

October 20, 2022

Arena Seats 9,800 yen / 1st Floor Box Seats 8,500 yen / 2nd Floor Box Seats 7,000 yen

BOTY2022 Okinawa Arena seating chart

*Please check with your ticket site for more information.




Decemer 2 (Fri),
December 3 (Sat)

Those who purchase a BATTLE OF THE YEAR ticket are eligilbe to participate and view the side contents which will be held on Dec. 2 (Fri.) and Dec. 3 (Sat.). Entry on the day of the event is not allowed. Please register in advance.

SIDE CONTENTS Click Here For More Info



Okinawa Arena

1-16-1 Yamauchi, Okinawa-shi, Okinawa-ken 904-0034

From Naha Airport

-Local Bus
Service Route 113 Approx. 60 min.
Get off at Okinawa-shi Undo-Kouen Mae Station.
10 min. walk to Okinawa Arena
-Highway Bus
Service Route 111 or 117 Approx. 40 min.
Get off at Okinawa Minami IC.
8 min. walk to Okinawa Arena
Ride from Naha Airport St. and kget off at Asahi-bashi St.
From Asahi-bashi/Naha Bus terminal, ride bus service route 112 for 75 min. and get off at Dai-Go Gate.
7 min. Walk to Okinawa Arena